This is a two-for-one addition to our meals from the nest. The gluten, and egg, free dough is the perfect vessel fix for any bread/carb craving. In this instance it was used as the crust for the pizza; However, it is the perfect recipe when seeking a tasty flatbread or even a naan replacement. We take that base and amplify it by satisfying the craving for pizza. This quick tasty recipe is a GREAT alternative for delivery. No wasted macros here!








Limits are made to be broken. We’re confident this gluten, and egg, free pizza fritta  will become a favorite in any household. The great thing about pizza is that it can satisfy any cravings. For that reason, please modify toppings based on cravings and macros. Let us know how it turns out!


Log-in to get the full recipe and join us in the kitchen. For best results, we recommend preparing your toppings prior to your dough. Please let us know how you like these and share a few images of your finished product. Enjoy!

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