We could always use a quick and tasty way of approaching the otherwise mundane staple of eggs. These egg muffins are the perfect way of knocking out a few days of egg prep and adding a spark. Join us in the kitchen for this quick bite and modify according to your cravings




Quick Bite



Let go of the mundane and lean into some flavor. Eggs might be a staple but they’re also a vehicle of flavor. This recipe is merely one version. Make it your own by spicing it up


Let’s dive into the goods on eggs. It doesn’t get much simpler than this mighty protein. Let’s talk benefits

  • Great A complete protein
  • Eggs are a nutrient dense powerhouse. This means they are packed with more vitamins, minerals and amino acids per calorie than MOST other foods
  • “Good cholesterol” boosting
  • Linked to a reduced risk of heart disease
  • A great source for lutein and zeaxanthin! Both antioxidants are beneficial to our eye health. These help prevent eye disease and age related macular degeneration
  • Eggs from hens that were raised on pasture and/or fed with omega-3 enriched feeds are much higher than heart disease. Consuming these types of eggs are an effective way to reduce blood triglycerides.
  • Score high on the satiety index = eggs are moe filling than the low calories would otherwise suggest


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