MFTN – Egg Roll In a Bowl

"Egg Roll in a Bowl" is a low carb favorite for many foodies. This is our version of this go-to cravings fixer. Join us in the kitchen and cook [...]

MFTN – Egg Roll In a Bowl2024-05-13T19:38:00-07:00

MFTN – Stuffed Bell Peppers

Repeat after us 🤪 "Ill eat only one! I'll eat only one!" This low carb favorite is packed with all of [...]

MFTN – Stuffed Bell Peppers2023-03-31T23:41:48-07:00

MFTN – Garlic Shrimp Zoodles

This garlic shrimp pasta is so much like the real thing that you'll likely forget that it's a low carb alternative. [...]

MFTN – Garlic Shrimp Zoodles2023-03-31T23:41:47-07:00

MFTN – Chicken Bone Broth Soup

Just in time for Winter is another addition to our meals from the nest! There's a lot more than flavor packed [...]

MFTN – Chicken Bone Broth Soup2023-03-31T23:41:46-07:00

MFTN – Lemon Chicken & Israeli Couscous

This "one skillet wonder" is a feast for your eyes and your palate. Join us in the kitchen for this flavor packed lemon chicken and Israeli couscous [...]

MFTN – Lemon Chicken & Israeli Couscous2023-03-31T23:41:45-07:00

MFTN – Peri Chicken

This addition is packed with flavor yet lacking all the fluff. Peri Chicken is the perfect staple for all goals regardless of where you are on your journey. This [...]

MFTN – Peri Chicken2023-03-31T23:41:42-07:00

MFTN – General Tso’s Chicken

Next time youre craving take-out cook with us instead. This tasty version of general Tso's Chicken is sure to be a hit. What are you waiting for? Join us [...]

MFTN – General Tso’s Chicken2023-03-31T23:41:39-07:00

MFTN – Shakshuka – Cook with Us

Nothing says comfort, tasty, lacto-ovo approved eats like Shakshuka! Pack your appetites 🧳 and Join us in the gorgeous continent of Africa as we bask in comfort food. [...]

MFTN – Shakshuka – Cook with Us2023-03-31T23:41:35-07:00

MFTN – Shrimp Alfredo 🇮🇹 Cook With Us

Pair this decadent fare with our "garlic sourdough pull apart" for the perfect splurge night alone, with your love or your mates. Unlike our broad collection of approved eats [...]

MFTN – Shrimp Alfredo 🇮🇹 Cook With Us2023-03-31T23:41:34-07:00

MFTN – Jerk Chicken – Cook With Us

You bring the appetites and we'll bring the heat! Join us in the kitchen for flavor-packed jerk chicken. You won't regret diving into this marinade and recipe. Are you [...]

MFTN – Jerk Chicken – Cook With Us2023-03-31T23:41:32-07:00




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