MFTN – AFC 🍗 Pass the Chicken

Who says you have to let go off all the things you love when you change your lifestyle? Balance is key but what if there was a way for [...]

MFTN – AFC 🍗 Pass the Chicken2023-03-31T23:41:29-07:00

MFTN – Green and Mean CPBB Smoothie (freebie)

Looking for the perfect grab and go smoothie to jumpstart your day or nestled around your lift. This smoothie tastes so great that you’ll think it's "too good to [...]

MFTN – Green and Mean CPBB Smoothie (freebie)2023-03-31T23:41:28-07:00

MFTN: PKP – Cook With Us

Savor the flavor with us by joining us in the kitchen for one of our staples. This Thai dish is perfect for any prep. Join us and cook our [...]

MFTN: PKP – Cook With Us2023-03-31T23:41:27-07:00

MFTN: Arroz con Pollo

There are few things more satisfying than a "one-pot wonder." This family fave might vary based on region, and even family, but it's a one-pot wonder that’ll make you [...]

MFTN: Arroz con Pollo2023-03-31T23:41:26-07:00

MFTN Chicken Parmigiana

L’Appetito Vien Mangiando 😋 This is so tasty that we're sure you'll agree with those sentiments. It might be hard to step away from the finished product. Join us [...]

MFTN Chicken Parmigiana2023-03-31T23:41:26-07:00

MFTN: Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken

Flavor overload is the perfect way to describe this chicken prep. Come armed with your appetite and your favorite side and join us at the table for Spicy Honey [...]

MFTN: Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken2023-03-31T23:41:25-07:00

MFTN: Banana Procakes

How about we make a deal? We bring the pancakes and you bring the syrup? This delectable main is the perfect, and quick, way to start any morning or [...]

MFTN: Banana Procakes2023-03-31T23:41:24-07:00

MFTN: BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich n Slaw

Winter, spring, summer, fall this recipe is perfect for them all. Join us in the kitchen for this recipe set. This is a 3 for 1! This recipe includes [...]

MFTN: BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich n Slaw2023-03-31T23:41:19-07:00

MFTN: Pucker Up Glazed Salmon

🤪Grab your aprons and your appetites and join us in the kitchen for our latest share from our Meals From the Nest. You dont have to be a pro [...]

MFTN: Pucker Up Glazed Salmon2023-03-31T23:41:17-07:00

MFTN: Poppin’ Chicken Quesadilla

Grab your molcajete and bring your appetite. These "Poppin' chicken Quesadillas" are the perfect dish for a mini splurge or a seemingly sinful treat. Would you believe these come [...]

MFTN: Poppin’ Chicken Quesadilla2023-03-31T23:41:14-07:00




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